In effect this week, business visitors travelling to the Netherlands now enjoy greater flexibility and length to enter the Netherlands and conduct business meetings on behalf of the home employer, without the need for Dutch work authorization. As per the Decree published this week, business visitors may now conduct meetings for a total period of 13 weeks within a 52 week timeframe, whereby multiple entries are allowed.

As of January 1, 2014 the Dutch legislator already introduced new rules on conducting business meetings in the Netherlands. However, the legislator mistakenly stated that such meetings were allowed for a total of 13 consecutive weeks within a 52 week timeframe, which implied that business visitors where allowed to conduct business meetings only once (albeit for max 13 weeks) each year without the need for a Dutch work permit.

Expat Management Group (EMG) questioned these rules in 2014 and requested clarification from the Dutch labour authorities (UWV). EMG received confirmation that the phrase ‘consecutive’ was inserted by mistake and that the law would be changed again. More importantly, the UWV confirmed that, in the interim, rules pertaining to business visitors prior to 1 January 2014 should be obeyed until further notice from the legislator.

As of this week, the law has finally been amended and is currently in line with the Government’s policy view to further stimulate trade development and business with the Netherlands.

In case you have any questions on what exactly constitutes business activities in the Netherlands, or in case you would like to review your particular situation, please do not hesitate to contact EMG accordingly.