As a young, dynamic international legal service provider to its clients that are involved in business in the Netherlands and Belgium, Expat Management Group (EMG) offers a personalised approach in dealing with all aspects of corporate immigration and relocation of employees and individuals. EMG has an established strong presence in the Netherlands and Belgium and works with experienced professionals who have secured a legal and business background at the largest global corporate immigration law firms in the world. This solid combination allows EMG to provide appropriate solutions to immigration challenges for your employees and other individuals in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Our Mission

It is our Mission to deal with our clients in a diligent, correct and efficient manner and serve them with our immigration services and solutions in order to successfully locate their employees to the Netherlands and Belgium. Our aim is to serve our clients to the best of our knowledge and assist them in realising their business in the Netherlands and Belgium as intended. EMG is convinced that a service and solutions minded immigration business partner is an asset to each firm that employs foreign staff.

As a legal service provider Expat Management Group is a reliable business partner in corporate immigration services and solutions. Our goal is to advise our clients on immigration and relocation matters on a structural basis, thereby providing solutions by which our clients’ business needs can seamlessly coincide with immigration rules and regulations.

Taking into account the ongoing regulatory changes in Dutch immigration law, EMG commits itself to keeping its legal knowledge and services up-to-date at all times. We believe that, in the long run, this is a crucial element in maintaining and improving the quality and continuity of our client relationships.

Acknowledging the fact that global mobility comprises several areas of expertise, EMG offers customised, cost efficient and multidisciplinary immigration solutions for relocating your employees. Our partners, counsels and consultants represent clients in a variety of branches and sectors and we are aware of your constant needs to secure flexible and local solutions for your challenges.

Our Vision

Our vision is based on our instinct for growth, client satisfaction, local presence and tailored solutions. We believe that our clients should be able to rely on a trusted immigration partner, assisting them in all aspects of the immigration process of their employees and families. As a business partner with many years of experience and legal knowledge, we offer our clients the tailored support they need, thereby allowing different immigration processes to be completed in a successful manner.

We like to distinguish ourselves from (immigration) law firms and relocation providers as we really understand our clients’ immigration business needs thereby respectfully taking into account the personal touch that relocation requires. This combination allows us to provide our clients with the perfect customised package in immigration and relocation services, proving the added value EMG has to offer compared to other agencies and providers.

Distinguished qualities and principles

  • In-depth knowledge of Dutch and European immigration rules
  • Keeping legal knowledge and services up-to-date
  • Quality assurance on a continuous basis
  • Integrity, ethics and trust are paramount to our business
  • Tailored advice for every request or application
  • Worldwide network of esteemed professionals


Our Partners, counsels and consultants are dedicated professionals with unrivalled experience within international business immigration law firms and recognised professional relocation service providers.

Our professionals are highly experienced in their fields and truly understand the value of meeting the mobility needs of your company and employees. They will provide in-house training and workshops on Dutch and EU immigration regulations if needed. Furthermore, in order to deliver our services to the highest quality standards, our multidisciplinary professionals will act as your dedicated single point of contact.