Personal Expats Tax advice

The rules of the Dutch Tax system are not comprehensible to everyone and fling tax returns can be very challenging, especially for you as an expat. Consequently, your actual tax filings and deductibles may become too complicated resulting in an incorrect or incomplete filing, that leaves you potentially paying too much or receiving too little in return. To this end, Expat Management Group (EMG) offers practical tax advice and related services, in which we strive to optimise your taxable personal situation.

Our tax services mainly focus on assisting you (as an expat) in finding your way in the Dutch tax system , thereby taking into account your personal situation and tax benefits in the Netherlands. Furthermore, EMG will be able to ensure that you can make best use of all tax options and check whether, when and under which conditions you are subject to taxes in the Netherlands and which social security system will be applicable.

A small glimpse from our personal and Expat tax services:

  • Social Fiscal Number
  • Filing income Tax return 30% applications
  • Assistance Social Security System A1 Certificate
  • Single point of contact for all fiscal matters with Dutch authorities
  • Appeal against tax return
  • Overall Income Tax advice
  • Voluntary health insurance application
  • Advice in Tax deduction options