Personal Relocation Services

Relocating to a new country can be an overwhelming process where one can quickly lose the overview, even more as an employee (with your family members). It is therefore particularly important that you are able to go through this process as smoothly as possible, and that you are aware of all the aspects and stages of your relocation and move to the Netherlands.

Tailored Relocation Package

EMG gladly offers to alleviate your stress of your relocation. We assists in the relocation of you and your family members in all phases of the relocation process. For this we are able to offer a wide range of services. Whether you requires basic relocation services (e.g. personal accompaniment, bank accounts, driver’s license information, school and housing), or you would like to participate in a cultural training, EMG will always be able to compose a relocation package that fits your relocation needs. We aim to integrate you and your family successfully into Dutch society in a swift and pleasant manner.

Relocation through EMG means a personal approach where the relocation consultant is delighted to take you by the hand and assist you in your relocation process step-by-step. We realise all too well that your accompanying family members are just as important and we will make sure that they will also receive all the assistance and support they wish to have.

Our relocation services range from various preparatory activities and processes, to the actual move and integration in the local community. In addition EMG also supports in all aspects of your upcoming repatriation to your homeland or to a new assignment abroad. With the highest level of dedication, we make sure that all departure matters are properly handled.

A glimpse of our corporate relocation services:

  • Registration accompaniment
  • Home search & settling-in
  • Departure services
  • Opening bank account
  • Pre-orientation visits
  • Cross-Cultural Training
  • Change driver’s licence
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Partner support
  • School searching
  • Household and Goods move
  • Pet import assistance
  • Parking permit applications
  • Car import program
  • Child benefit application