Immigration Policy and Global Mobility Management

Every company has its own corporate culture and philosophy. This also applies to each company’s expat mobility policy. At EMG we understand that implementing a global mobility management policy, which aligns corporate culture with tax, immigration and work authorisation regulations, can be a daunting exercise. EMG confidentially assists in optimizing your company’s Global Mobility Management policy, standardising immigration processes and securing full compliancy with immigration law and regulations.

Assistance in the immigration process

EMG can support your business in its daily operations by drafting, obtaining and completing the required corporate documents to support the immigration processes of your foreign employees to the Netherlands. In addition, EMG will also gladly assist in the pre-hiring or transfer stage of a (potential) employee to the Netherlands. The professionals of EMG will be able to anticipate any possible challenges and will propose appropriate solutions, enabling your company to manage expectations on the feasibility and duration of the immigration process prior to the actual transfer. If preferred, EMG will be delighted to visit your company on a regular basis to provide necessary support as needed to your HR team.

Policy Advice and Implementation

The backbone of a successful Global Mobility program is a well-developed and streamlined track of the immigration process. Is an expat’s immigration status considered a retention or a reward in your business? EMG can review your Mobility program or assist in developing one, thereby taking into account the latest immigration and work authorisation trends for your highly skilled workforce in the Netherlands and EU. Once implemented, your business can profit from a faster, more cost efficient, standardised and highly quality immigration track, that is tailored to your business needs.

Company Audits and Risk Assessment

How do you handle a visit from the Labour Inspectorate and how can your business avoid being fined? Which personnel-related information and documents do you need to store and for how long? Does your company have an idea as to which business visitors are currently working on your site which activities are waived from a work permit and which activities require work authorisation? EMG gladly assists in keeping your business fully compliant and we will audit your business’ current status in regards to all Dutch immigration and work authorisation requirements, thereby flagging any potential risks.

Corporate Immigration and Mobility training

As your corporate business immigration partner, EMG likes to anticipate its clients’ business needs and pro-actively keep them abreast of the latest immigration updates and the implications these may have on daily business operations. In addition EMG will be delighted to visit clients on-site and provide presentations, workshops and information sessions that can inform and train their HR and/or Mobility teams regarding corporate immigration and best practices. The combination of EMG’s mobility training and role as your corporate immigration business partner ensures that both you and EMG can take ownership of well-structured immigration programmes whereby you can more easily meet your business demands.

A glimpse of our immigration strategy services:

  • Mobility Planning
  • HR Training
  • Recruitment Advice
  • EU & Schengen Regulations
  • Company Audits
  • Compliance Support
  • Business Travelers
  • Immigration Updates
  • Visa Tracking
  • Risk Assessment
  • Operations Support
  • Strategic Advice