Immigration services

EMG delivers professional immigration services that exceed the needs of its corporate clients. Our aim is to focus on the entire immigration process; from providing pre-advice to the successful completion of all legal and administrative challenges. The result is that your foreign employees will receive the correct visas, work permits, residence permits and other immigration paperwork for the Netherlands and Belgium in a timely manner, thereby keeping administrative paperwork for all stakeholders to a minimum.

Tailored immigration advice

Each mobility process is also a personal process and is therefore never the same. EMG prefers to partner up with its clients and provide tailored solutions in each and every case. This way EMG is able provide the correct and best advice that fits its clients’ needs allowing them to manage expectations to the business right from the start. Our corporate immigration advice is based on our in-depth knowledge and experience in the world of corporate immigration, relocation and other related fields in global mobility. This approach has proven to be successful in assisting our clients employees (and their families)during the immigration to the Netherlands and Belgium in a way that fits into their respective Global Mobility programs.

EMG will always aim to deliver effective and cost efficient solutions to its corporate clients, whereby both full-service immigration packages as well as independent immigration services can be offered.

A glimpse of our immigration services: