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EMG – Successful application Dutch residence permit wealthy foreign investor category

The Expat Management Group (EMG) is pleased to announce that a residence permit has been issued for a wealthy foreign investor. Recently Mr. Dominique Coenen, Partner at EMG, successfully applied for a residence permit under this immigration category on behalf of one of our Firm’s highly valued private clients.

Under the Netherlands foreign investor’s immigration category, in the last 3 years around 11 applications have been been submitted in total whereby most applications have been rejected and only 2 applications (including the current case) have been approved. In the present case, EMG advised and assisted an Asian private investor who was willing to contribute a substantial amount to a Dutch participation fund as approved by the Dutch authorities.

The foreign investor category, which was introduced in October 2013, aims to attract foreign investors to bring substantial capital to the Netherlands to boost the Dutch economy. The...

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Netherlands 2016 – Important immigration updates and new measures

The Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice (Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie) improves current policies for highly skilled migrants and announced a number of direct and indirect measures:
  • The Highly Educated Migrant program (regeling hoogopgeleiden) will be more flexible as of 1 January 2016 and will be fused with the ‘graduate search year status’, so that, following implementation of the changes, there is a clear policy for international students who have graduated/ promoted in the Netherlands or come from one of the ‘Top 200 Universities’ abroad. The highly educated migrant can stay in the Netherlands with this status and search employment as a highly skilled migrant.
  • The government is working on a proposal for a differentiated fee rate for Recognized Sponsors, with the aim of reducing the government fee rate for SME’s.  More SME’s could therefore obtain such a Recognized Sponsor license and attract more highly skilled migrants.
  • The government is currently examining...
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Netherlands: More entry clearance visa (MVV) exemptions

Dutch authorities introduced new entry visa exemptions for third country visa nationals and their accompanying family members planning to reside and work in the Netherlands for over three (3) months. Since 1 October 2015, the following categories of foreign nationals are eligible for this entry visa waiver:

  • Individuals with a valid residence status in another Schengen country applying  in the Netherlands via a Recognised Sponsor (‘Erkend Referent’), including highly skilled migrants, scientific researchers, labour migrants, students and foreign nationals participating in exchange programs
  • Individuals with a valid work and residence status in another EU Member State providing cross-border services in the Netherlands under the notion  of ‘freedom to provide services’  ( as established under the ‘Vander Elst’- ruling)
  • Individuals applying for a ‘start-up’ entrepreneurial residence permit in the Netherlands.

The new entry visa exemptions allow for simplified and expedited processes for these individuals and their businesses. Individuals benefiting from the waiver...

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Business Visitors to Netherlands: Flexibility and length increased

In effect this week, business visitors travelling to the Netherlands now enjoy greater flexibility and length to enter the Netherlands and conduct business meetings on behalf of the home employer, without the need for Dutch work authorization. As per the Decree published this week, business visitors may now conduct meetings for a total period of 13 weeks within a 52 week timeframe, whereby multiple entries are allowed. As of January 1, 2014 the Dutch legislator already introduced new rules on conducting business meetings in the Netherlands. However, the legislator mistakenly stated that such meetings were allowed for a total of 13 consecutive weeks within a 52 week timeframe, which implied that business visitors where allowed to conduct business meetings only once (albeit for max 13 weeks) each year without the need for a Dutch work permit. Expat Management Group (EMG) questioned these rules in 2014 and requested clarification from the Dutch labour...
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